Making a Ladder.

Written By: Drakker

Making a ladder is really simple, here is what you will need:

A Doom Editor
Skill with the said editor
WinTex (or any other proggy that can edit textures)
Legacy (*wink*)
And anything else you see fit. :)

1- First, make a totaly TRANSPARENT texture with Wintex. (wont be needed in future version, but is required with beta 1.32 1 and 2)

2- Make a ladder, using a ladder texture or 3d floors, as you like. Do NOT make a staircase, it wont work.

3- Put a swimmable water sector in front of the ladder, make sure the bottom of the sector has the same texture as your floor, same for the ceiling, and that the sector touches both of them (else you will see floating 3dfloor/ceiling). Now, the twist is, on the linedef you use to make the swimmable water sector, use the invisible texture you just created, so the water sector wont have borders.

There you go, to climb the ladder, swim up, to go down the ladder, swim down, or out of the zone. It works juste like any recent 3d shooter ladders. Of course, if you stay in the ladder you will slowly go down, but, its better than nothing.