Making a script trigger only at special skills.

Written By: Ebola
Info: Creating a skill level specified script.

This is made using a moving floor, and a Legacy specific Alltrigger flag.

Exerpt from SoM's homepage

Section 2: New linedef flags.

Alltrigger [0x400] (1024)
This flag, when set, will allow all things to activate a W* line, with the exception of flying blood. :) This includes all generalized types that are W*.

To add this you need a editor like Deth that alows you to add "Decimal Values".

Then make a area like this:

The thing you just tag with wich difficulty or game mode you want the script to start in. Like if you want it not to start in DM, or you want it only to start in DM. The choice is yours to make.

If you want the script to not start at the startup of the map. make sector 2 a door that opens when you flip a switch and the script won't trigger until later.

Simple enough? Yeah I thought so.