Credit goes where credit is due.

Kristian "Ebola" Käll - Created this page.

Legacy team:
Pereira Boris - Co founder of Legacy.
Denis Fabrice - Co founder of Legacy.
Thierry Van Elsuwe - OpenGL coder of Legacy
Steven "SoM" McGranahan - Editing features in Legacy

Go here for full list of Legacy developers. here

Simon "Fraggle" Howard - Original Fraggle Script creator.
James "Quasar" Haley - Eternity Coder. FS developer.
Team TNT - Creators of Boom

Contributors to this site:
Kurt Kesler - WCFLegacy file for Wad Author.
Drakker - Tutorial
Pate - Tutorial
Big Al - Tutorial
Rick Clark - Hacx WCF file.

Doom Legacy
Doom Legacy on sourceforge
SoM's Terminal.
Unholy Soft
Team Eternity
Quasars Eternity/FS documentation
Nostromos Place