Maonth - TRTCC interview.
  Maonth is the leader of the RTC, one of the newer doom TC teams (the RTC was formerly a quake clan). They are currently working on their first PC the TRTCC.


[Ebola] 1. What can you tell me about TRTCC? What kind of TC/PC is it?

[Maonth] TRTCC is, what i would like to call it, an add-on for Doom2, focusing on single player and using the latest ZDooM techniques.
[Maonth] It features 16 missions af drama between two companies, the RTC, and the UAC.

[Ebola] 2. Would you like to explain what those would be for those whom might not know (like anyone wouldn't).
[Maonth] ZDooM techniques like slopes, fog, colored sectors, mirrors, skyboxes, ingame cutscenes.

[Ebola] 3. RTC would be short for?
[Maonth] The RTC does not have a long name at the time being.

[Ebola] 4. You said drama. Do you imply there won't be any gripping and very bloody action?
[Maonth] With drama i referred to the interesting storyline that TRTCC will have. Yes it will have bloody action.

[Ebola] 5. So what made you decide to redesign all the levels a number of times?
[Maonth] When i started making TRTCC, it was supposed to be a project for my neighbourgs and i, so detail didn't matter for me. But then when i discovered the Doomworld community, i realised that architecture and detail in levels had gone way up sky-high. So i decided to remake the levels with better detail, architecture and layout.

[Ebola] 6. Any special reason you choose zDoom or was it just for it's slopes and ACS script?
[Maonth] I wanted TRTCC, or "The RTC Corporation", to have an ingame story, and ZDooM could supply that. I also chose Zdoom because of the mouse-look and, of couse, the many techniques and tricks.

[Ebola] 7. Those screenshots on your page look pretty sweet. Although the textures remind alot of Darkening E2 and other such wads. Coincidence or intentionally?
[Maonth] Well. I put them there intentionally because of the lack of a texture artist, and because i find these textures easy to use for raw architecture. But i found an artist so you will probably see other textures in the final release.

[Ebola] 8. What can you tell us about special effects in TRTCC. Will there be something never before used in a doom wad there?
[Maonth] There will be effects never-seen-before in a doom wad. But I do not want to reveal them yet.

[Ebola] 9. Will there be any more new weapons/enemies/stuff like that than those dual guns?
[Maonth] We have made a fast firing Minigun with a spinn-down time, but some beta-testers found it to be a bad idea. We're discussing wether or not to keep it. There are other new weapons too, but that's classified. No new enemies except the UAC_Marine so far. New stuff? Well...The status bar.

[Ebola] 10. who are the fine people who work with this project more than you then?
[Maonth] At this moment, X-DOOM, Jayextee and i are the only active members working on TRTCC. But help is on it's way. Recently, we recruited, let's say, a whole team of level designers and GFX artist..ETC.

[Ebola] 11. Back to the story. Where do RTC fit in? is it a corporation similar to UAC? A new "bad guy"?
[Maonth] The RTC is a corporation just like the UAC. It is smaller, though, and that causes the RTC many problems. They often have to pull "Hit And Fade" missions. One of the major issues in TRTCC, is the RTC's lack of teleporters. It is a technologie they are having difficulties with.
[Maonth] The UAC is the bad guy in this story.

[Ebola] 12. So UAC finally got the teleporters working? Where do the hellspawn come from in this wad then?
[Maonth] The UAC has more control over teleportation.
[Maonth] The hellspawn still has access through teleporters.
[Maonth] ...And another thing...

[Ebola] hm ok. not that good control then I guess.
[Maonth] not perfect control
what was the other thing?
[Maonth] That is a part of the story, and therefor classified ;)

[Ebola] 13. Do you have any other projects ongoing other than TRTCC?
[Maonth] I am currently working on TRTCC, perforated entrails (a deathmatch project for skulltag) and a...secret project.

[Ebola] 14. Is there anything left you might wanna say about TRTCC?
[Ebola] or in general
[Maonth] TRTCC is going through a phase of change. And i can only say it has something to do with the other team.
[Ebola] ok
[Ebola] that's all. thanks.
[Maonth] np

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