010109 Beta version of your Eternity - Ebola
  Pretty catchy headline eh? :p... No? Bah. Everyone's a critic.

Like probably noone of you knows I'm a member of Team Eternity. I make weapons mainly. I'm supposed to make a level for Eternity sometime soon. Oh,well. I just downloaded the cool new engine and I haven't had time to test it yet but I've tested older versions so I already know it's cool as hell. Some stuff in it is even cooler than hell. Ok. I really gotta get this map working soon. It's gonna be leet.

While talking about doom I might aswell mention that Ni'mrod map02 finally got some work on it's ass today. Updated it with the new features and stuff. Still some stuff left to update and i'm gonna add cool fogs and shit :p I might be able to turn this old bracket of shit around to become really good. But I'll settle for good. No really it's a pretty cool map, and it's almost finished really. Got some loose ends still but nothing major... Unless I make it major :p

I still don't have any stereo but I found a pair of earshells. So now I got sound atleast, although it's not very comfortable.

Jon^D: Get this really cool song - Group: Vision - Song: Close Minded.

It's totally awesome.

Mewse: I also like pudding.

On another note... NAPSTER SUCKS ASS. I tired it out and it was crap alltogether.

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