010105 Ok who's tha Pranksta? - Ebola
  Someone must be janking my chain or something. I've had over 400 hits since January the 4th (aka since I updated about that shot)-

That don't add up. So who is the funny man? Hmmm. I mean when I went to work yesterday it was at 400 hits.

Nevermind. I found the skteches to The boss for Nimrod so I can finish him now. Cool eh?

With them I found sketches on a very old site design for Unholy. Hehe Stupid looking. :p

I was digging through my old pics to see if I could find something cool for the gallery and... I found some stuff. Like a shot of my first ever map for Quake 3. But since people seem to have something terribly much against dark shots I won't post that. So I kept digging, and found some more cool shit. But I don't wanna show that to you all yet. So then I decided to shuve it. Go to SoMs page to look at that cool DM map he's working on. It's very cool. I'd love to play it in intense DM and see how it'll go for me when I'm running from a maniac with a plasmagun. :p

Hmm. Well I guess that's all. I'm gonna work on my maps.

Tyriel Ownz.

BTW I think I've messed up a bith with the dates, on the one/two latest updates prior to this. One day ahead or soemthing.

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