010105 Wheeeeee, What? Ok. - Ebola
  Hm. That's funny. it's been 0.5 days since I updated this page last time... and I've had 200 hits. This can't be right.

Anyway. SoM sent me the scripted map 04 yesterday. it's now almost complete. I asked him to do some changes and then it would be perfect. Man that map will RULE j00 455.

I started to draw a little dude yesterday after I found out that some guy I barely know who it is told me he didn't like me. (WHY WHY WHY) Heh. Oh yeah the dude. He was first supposed to be alot like the Grinch but that was rapidly changed. now he got a funky head and I decided to make him wrinkled. He looks like a old alien or something. :p He sucks hehe.

Quote of the day: [SoM_] I can't wait to see Ni'mrod released.

:p Me neither.
When I met Tyriel in Diablo 2 yesterday he looked very cool, but my computer started to slow down. Wich i find odd. Wonder how my sisters computer acted there. She got a meager Pentium 200 or something.

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