001228 Diablo is a badass. - Ebola
  Ok it's time for another update. I'm nolonger aspiring to get on DW since I managed to do that with the last update. :p

This one will be dedicated to other cool shit. First Kege sent me the Consback for Necromancer. PURE PH33R- It's KICKS ASS- Get the drift?

Diablo 2 is still cool as hell. BTW anyone got any plans for New Years Eve? I don't. Dammit. my friend in party is gonna have to work then and all the others are goin to stockholm and I can't join them even if I wanted cause I work on the day. >:(

Bah forget about that now. Oh yeah I was supposed to upload sketches sometime in the days. well I hope I'll get that done soon. :p

Hmm looks like I'm out of crap to talk about. Oh yeah.

We need more people for our Diablo 2 Crusade. Join us in #diablo-2 and we'll talk about it... :p

...and finally. Mordeth looks leet.

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