001227 Diablo is a badass. - Ebola
  Hey there. I've been playing Diablo 2 like a madman, it's a really cool game and I'm all dug into it. Me and Arioch got a new joiner to our crusade. Fyrestorm. So now were walking him through part 1 so he can join us in part 2. (and so we can get badder for part 2 aswell)
The cinematics in Diablo 2 is absolutely awesome. You can see that it's 3d rendered but it's very lifelike and it all looks very very real, not to mention cool.

Carneys contest is ongoing. I figured it out.

Well. I started work on my last map for nimrod today. The bossmap. it'll be very cool. I'm calling it "Base 16" some of you know what that means others think. Cool name for a base level. ;) Anyway, it'll be quite different anything else you've ever seen in Doom. Atleast that's what I imagine it to be. Specially the grand ending of the entire adventure.

Ok that's it for now. Bye bye.

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