011228 Keep your damn bot in a leash - Ebola

*** lilo (lilo@staff.opn) has joined #skulltag
[lilo] hi....does anyone know who owns ISle?
* lilo is going to need to kline it for now if the owner is not around to remove it from #openprojects
[lilo] let the owner know
[Isle] ?
* Isle spanks lilo
[lilo] Isle: are you a human? ;)
[Isle] yah
[lilo] oh :)
[lilo] try not to look like a bot on #openprojects :)
* lilo thinks the HELLOMRMAN's and OHHELLYAH's are a bit confusing ;)
[lilo] check the philosophy pages if you want to hang on #openprojects 8)
[lilo] http://openprojects.net/, there should be a link to that section 8)
* lilo waves
*** lilo (lilo@staff.opn) has left #skulltag

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