001225 Merry X-Mas. - Ebola
  Well. Merry Chrismas. to ya all.

We in sweden salubrate chrismas on the 24th so I already got my chrismas yesterday. :p

My sister gave me Diablo 2 wich I ended up playing until 5 in the morning with Arioch over european battle.net. It was great. but at the end we were so tired that we kept dying. partially cause I kept forgetting to do all the stuff you need to do to survive. Like spawn goblins and Skeletons and keep an eye on my health. :p

Well. We hope that more people will join our crusade cause the more the merrier.

Did anyone not see the shots over at Unholy of Nimrod? I looked at the stats for yesterday and we got over 100 hits (112) in 24 hours wich is much more than we ever got before (80). This place have gotten quite a few hits aswell :) Pretty cool IMHO. Well I guess that's it for now.

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