011205 Look, new headline - Ebola
  I figured I'd upload this page with some news.

I'm updating here again.. cause.. I can't help myself.. DAMMIT.

Anyway.. the betatesting pretty much went down to a complete stall.. Erik beta tested Map01-07 so far.. the other beta testers.. I'm not too impressed with so far.. actually they have been pretty quiet.. So mail me..-

We got 2 pretty serious bugs on our necks though.. the player can evade them.. but I don't want that.. I want them cleaned.. I've tried warious stuff. wich have all turned into big fat nothings..

The bugs I'm talking about is a crashing bug in map02.. that I can't get my finger on.. maybe a memory leak.. I dunno. It only occur in software btw. the second is not as bad.. it's in map03.. Map03 is a bit screwey.. it won't let you join a net game properly.. it'll either boot you.. or it'll not draw your display.. not a big deal.. either the server reload map03, or you just wait until the other players finished that map. Map03 also won't alow for a working savegame.. it'll fail to load any savegame made in map03.. I think i can fix map03 though.. just need more tweaking.. or Hell I dunno.. seem to work fine when the damn script lump isn't added.

Bah.. well all is done.. xept some scripts.. map05 and 08 (Both SoM and Erik restarted) some sounds, and the end sequence.. This should be done soon.. But there's other troubles laying ahead.. Quasar is working on a second version of FS, it'll be included in Legacy when it's done.. It'll render all previous scripts useless.. wich mean that, if Nimrod get released before this. we'll have to re-release it.. wich will suck.. Quasar promised to help me port the scripts to the new version though. :)

Well. I'll be back to the nitpicking of little details..


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