011127 Gameplay? - Ebola
  I figured I'd upload this page with some news.

I've got a job now.. as a truck mechanic at a local trasportation company. I dunno for how long this is though..

Ni'mrod is progressing slowly but surely. Everything is really slow at this last things to do. SoM told me the other day that he wasn't gonna use Sams map as a base for his map05 anymore. He told me he couldn't get anywhere on it. So he'll be starting from scratch. This means that Sams map most won't be included in Nimrod. Erik who was gonna make a map real fast haven't finished yet. ;) He decided to finish his Pain map first and then he started and said it would be done by this past weekend. But he started another map that is now done. Nice little map btw. He'll be done withg his map soon enough anyway.

I finished map10 for Mike last week. gave it to Erik so he could add monsters to it. It's really cool map.. pretty easy though. But it never hurts with a easy map in a PC/TC. I just hope Mike don't dislike the additions and texture changes I made, too much.

Scripts and ingame story are what I try to get done atm. It's slow though.

I sent Sasha Mullers old map to Richie Gay a few weeks ago.. Haven't heard any from him though.. I'm not expecting to see anything delivered from him anymore though.

Well, everything is done xept the end sequence some scripts 2 levels and some sounds that is for scripts.

Well Later..

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