010919 God called in sick the day before yesterday - Ebola
  Hm, ok I'm updating. Is that a good thing? To be or not, to be... That is the question weather it's nobler to like sexy underwear or vibrating dildos. I dunno. Hmm. I like that intro.. first stupid thing I've written in a long time.. had a bit of a personal chrisis for a while. Then I met love... and after being humiliated I had another chrisis.. Hm no btw.. that was about 4 years ago.. Still going strong though.. The crisis that is.. I got rejected by a slut.. That's bad grades.

Anyway.. I mainl updated to give some kudos to Jonathan.. He's a sexy little limey.. But not as sexy as Claire. Back to the Kudos.. He made some 1337 ripp and tear (no I didn't steal that quote from the doom comics, god forbid) Ripp and tear baby, ripp and tear.(Ok that one was though) anyway.. He assembled every damn AFI song known . by the two of us together and burned it on a cd and sent it to me.. I'm listing to it now btw.. 160 mp3's both live and studio recrodings and they OWN. Then he also included a little html ripp from some page with a background story to each of AFI's Previously released albums.. Very intresting read.. mmm. Apparently "Answer that and stay fashionable" , from Nitro is a re-issue... I didn't know that.

ATM I can't move very well.. I've been doing manual labour the last 12 hours. starting 8 in the morning doing it until 8 in the evening. it was very monotom, I was standing still most of the time and I have pain in most parts of the body I didn't know I had.

Jon told me I should mail Tom and he'd add me to newspot. But Tom wasn't very fond of my sexual attractiong to Doom. Fetish can be a bugger. But Doom is cool. Just listen to the word. DOOOOooooommmmmm... It's like a .. entity rather than a name.. Oh yeah. Here comes "God called in sick today" Love this song.. I cant stand my laughter as she cries. My soul brings tears to angelic eyes.. There's is power in that song. Isn't it?

Bah to hell with this now.. Jon you basrad. can't go to bed when I'm updating in your honor..

... Dopevirii out

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