010731 Phobia, Tarin and a whole lot of coffee - Ebola
  Meh, How are you?. Well. Here's a little status on that godawful thing issued in the POTD on DW. Yeah that's right. The map still know as Phobia. It's well, basicly done. The architecture is done I might spruce some of it up a bit but since it's almost 30.000 sidedefs (Sorry about that, it was unintentional) already i though that maybe it was best to cut it short. Anyway I sent it to Tarin so he could test it. but he's a lazy ass nazi scum. (In a good way though :p) so he suddenly had to wait until tomorrow. BAH. THERE IS NO TOMORROW. Well. as I said it's almost done. a little more graphics and some monsters. I just need to have it tested. after adding the last scripts I got a bit dizzy, cause the current version of Legacy don't support more than 128 linedef triggered scripts (the ones tagged 1-128). So it got a bit messy clearing out sector tags so i could fit the scripts. Next version will support 256 scripts though. How I long for that. ;)

It's hard to clear out sector tags when you don't recall wth they do. I managed to fuck the map up a bit. By removing a tag that I didn't recall what it was for I fucked 1 script a bit. Gotta fix that. and somehow I managed to get the thing numbers changed. so what was 109 before was suddnely 108. I wonder what I could have deleted. well. anyway It sent me back to fix all the scripts that had things affected that was above 100. I've gone through that damn script lump several times already. It's pretty long so it kinda gets to you after a while. Soon you don't know what's what and you start to wonder what some of those scripts do. ;)

Oh I feel odd.

Well. I think I've got it all right now. Ah Hurdler isn't busy anymore. Maybe he can help me. :D

More trouble happened today though. Some of the dehacked addd features that had worked great before suddenly had made a rapid turn and now managed to crash Legacy as soon as it was triggered. this pissed me off and I had to redo the whole thing from scratch wich pissed me off more. and in the end I couldn't get it to work as well anymore w/o having it crash on me. So I had to make it another way. I am not happy about it. Now Go Away.


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