001223 Archive this. - Ebola
  I added a archive to the page so you can read my old ramblings. :p fun eh?

Hmm I got some lucrative work from Carnevil yesterday. For Nimrod- It have yet to be revamped to fit in perfectly with the atmosphear and all but that's my job so. Anyway. It'll really add to Nimrod.

Look arioch I talked about doom. Now update DW about it. :o

I asked Julian to look at this page yesterday and he didn't really like how it was arranged. I was a bit drunk then and that made me forget why I used a frame for the logo of the page. I remember now though. It's so you shall be able to see it at all times. Yeah I know the menu should be more tactically placed but it looks much better down there, I could set it up at the top aswell but that would look like yuck, so you gotta live with it.
Oh yeah he also didn't like the white bg, but I do. I think it's what gives the site it's caracter or something. I'll have some of my sketches up soon. they'll look very nice I can assure you cause I'm leet. :p ok. That was actually a llama joke.

I liked DemonGates old design more. but this one is nice to.

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