010621 WOW!!!! An UPDATE - Ebola
  Hi there frads and eicorns. (Hm that gotta be the wrong spelling, bah who gives.) I'm updating to tell you a bit about my boring life and shit.

I saw the third (3) part of SkaDoomers article series called, The art of making a TC. I couldn't help but to send a little comment about the article in the comments thread below. Stating that it wasn't covering my way to work with sprites. Since noone probaly cares about this you might aswell go back to Doomworld now and read the other news. But here's a little "articel" (or something of the like) where I tell about my art of making sprites.

Click "article or something" link.

I found a old Logo I made once. I was a member of the OGRE team, you can go look at it in the Gallery section. Some people seamed to really like the logo. But as usual, most people wanted something more "style clean". Since the project was to make a engine, it was pretty obvious for me to make a engine like logo. ;) Actually , just when I wrote this. I came up with a new cool logo for OGRE. Man. I think I'll make this one some day.

Well. Later.

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