010408 Stuffage. - Ebola
  I was looking at Ed's page today <- Link. I found the link to the Legion screenshots. My reaction was. Speachless. This is the most beautiful shots I've seen since Darkening E2. Hope he'll finish it soon. cause I'm very exited now... Really sw33t shit.

"No fun at all" the swedish punk rock band, broke up earlier this year. This is really tragic for me. They are the best swedish punk rock band I know of (wich btw makes them the best swedish band, period). /me waves them goodbye. You will be missed.

Level Edeting:
I'm gonna take up zDoom edeting. Not because I dearly want to or anything. Just that the project I'm making level(s) for use the Skulltag engine. This means I'm gonna have to use Zeth or WA. Bah. Zeth is weird they have done stupid changes to it. Like when you merge two vertices it do it the other way than Deth do it. Pising me off, and some more stuff. It's really awkward.. I think I'll make the level in regular Deth and the final touches in Zeth.

Gee, How intresting.

Anyway. I've been working quite hard with my Ni'mrod maps the latest weeks. Map12 got alot added to it, and I'm working to get the demo of Ni'mrod done more now. I've started to add monsters to map02. It's going fairly well. But for some reason have the what used to be stable beta verison of Legacy I got crash all over the place when I'm running map02. But since it's an official Beta and SoM know about it, it should be fixed for the public version. 3-D lighting owns btw. ;)

Ok it's weekend and the pic didn't appear.. well Shit happens. I might include it later.

Hm this is phucked up. I added some more monsters and stuff, and now it won't run the map at all. Gotta send it to som so he can look at it or something.

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