010328 Check the archives. - Ebola
  Check the archives there's two updates you most likely haven't seen, there.

AFI - God damn, I just love these guys. I got the rest of the albums with them now. Only a single that I don't have to their album "Black Sails In The Sunset". I've been listening through them all and I just love them all. This is "Totally Immortal" stuff.

AFI aka A'buncha Fuckin Idiots, Asking For It, Anthems For Insubordinates, A Fire Inside.

There should be a Interview with Maonth in this update but I have yet to edit it.

There's a new design on Demongate. Cool isn't it?

Offspring coming to sweden. I gotta buy Tickets. They should have brought AFI to sweden too. Not just england and Germany. Bah

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