010126 Everything's political - Ebola
  I got a little story to tell.
Something that just happened to me. I got this girl who is intrested in me and I went to the pub victors to see if she was there (she wasn't so I was just about to leave).
Just when I'm about to leave some guy stops me and ask if I'm a communist (looking at the Che Guevara t-shirt I was wearing) I say no. So he ask if I'm to the left (this being socialist in sweden) and I said yeah. So he tell me he's Right aka Borgare (conservative in sweden),
and i say: - Ok.
So then he says so you're a anti-Fashist,
and I tell him: -Of course

Then this little wanker shit kid runs up to my face and start shooting his mouth.
Like. So then you hate me cause I'm a nazi and I was the once being threwn out of school cause of it and blah blah blah. then he said "So you hate me" a couple of times more. (in this blurb on nonsense I managed to pass him a - Oh so that was you. Since he had been in the news papers for being threwn out of school. But all I'm thinking is his breath smells bad. I wish he'd stop breathing at me) and I replyed to the other guy who apparently was his friend (cause he himself ran away just after this) that.

I don't hate him I don't even know him so how could I hate him. I hate everything he stands for though. Then suddenly this mountain of fat and muscles, (note that he had a very low forehead and his hands were scraping against the cround when he walked) roams up to me and start shouting a bunch of shit like. Huh you looking for trouble? You better watch your ass or I'll kick it bad etc lots of that stupid shit. I'm just standing there and have no idea what to do for about 5 seconds. Then I just turn around and start walking away at the same moment I see one of the guards coming and tells the Neandethal to get lost. Then he comes to me and tell me I don't have to leave cause he'll be ther all night and all, and this girl tell them to kick the lot of them out. I'm like. That's ok I was just leaving anyway.

Ok that's all.
I got my jacket and went home.

Another of many evidence that Nazis are stupid.

All cause I wore a Che Guevara T-Shirt.

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