010117 The Art They Call Punk - Ebola
  I got more albums today. Three (3) Vandals albums and one (1) PennyWise album. The Vandals albums were cool as they always are... One was called Vandals play really bad original country tunes. Then there were a bunch of cows and a shot of where a bull ran amuck in a garden tossing an old american bitch up in the air. I chuckled to myself as I put it in the cd player.

The PennyWise album was the new Live album, called Live @ the Key Club- This is the only Live PennyWise album wich isn't a bootleg. cool.

It ruled natrually.

Ok. Nuff of that. Oh yeah. In one of the pages in the booklet of the PW album I saw a pic of a pair of very nice pierced HOODERS.

Pic might appear here later. :p
Ok. A little shop talk. Base 16 is coming along nicely. SoM complained about slowdowns cause I use a bit to much 3d stuff, well it's just in the beginning of the map anyway so.

[Carnevil_] Ebola: Are you talking about the ST levels?
[Ebola] heh. Uhm... sure.
* Ebola looks another way.

Damn. I got alot of work cut out for me.

Good thing is though that I'm almost done with map02 for Plutonia 2. Dunno if I will be able to make any more for it though.
Most likely not.

Hmm. I'm really busy. I try to juggle making Nimrod, helping out with others, work, and still hang out with my friends.. It ends up with me getting so tired from work and hobbies that I just sit and chat or hang with my friends all days. Bah. Life sux.

Ok. I think I'm done for now. anyone up for a drink on saturday? BTW looks like I got a girl intrested in me. whoo. Weird huh?

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