010115 The Art Of Drowning - Ebola
  Oh man. I got my AFI - The Art Of Drowning album in the mail today. It's SOOOOOO FUCKIN GOOD. Punk when it's at the best. (AFI = A'buncha Fuckin Idiots, Anthems For Insubordinates, Asking For It and A Fire Inside.) I also got Visions album but I haven't had time to listen to that one yet. AFI ownz to much to turn off to play something else right now. :p Hmm I'm gonna update the links section. Oops I forgot to break the lines :p

V00t??? Heh "6 to 8" is pretty slow. Weird. :p That was the first I've heard. But it gets pretty powerful after the intro.

I scanned one of the pics from the Booklet and put in the Gallery. It's cool take a look.

Ok I'm gonna listen to it again now. latha.

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